Engagement and Wedding Ring Concepts

When you think of love, what comes to mind? Do you come across things that you feel in you or do you imagine the symbols that capture it? Finding the perfect pieces to deliver the messages you want to someone can be stressful! The components in our society often include diamond rings, stories of proposals, and giant weddings.

Diamond rings give people a symbol of how their love is everlasting! Diamonds are seen to last forever just as your love will. Everyday you see your hands and you will know that you are loved. In movies you often see after someone loses a significant other they have so much trouble taking off their ring because the love is still there!

Everyone married couple has a proposal story from simple dinner out and maybe a movie to crazy creative stuff. How do you find the right way to propose? Well you would probably base that off your relationship and what things you both are into. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to talk to people they might of even disclosed that information to if you haven’t talked about it. Proposals tend to be a fun experience that will be asked about in your future. So you can try to make it a story to tell, or you can make it simple and sweet!

Being invited to someones wedding usually is a fun experience! Well if it’s a giant wedding it might be a great place to not only enjoy the happiness of someone you know on a major day of their life. This is a time for you to mingle and learn a lot about how these two came together or even impact the world! People at these events tell you more about who you are, how you have affected others lives, and how people feel about you! Every now and then you even find out how people feel about how the newly weds coming together.

There are a ton of things and approaches to go about showing your love for your significant other. The best thing to do is probably base it all off how you feel, what you’ve learned about each other, and just have fun with it!


Save your company and your wife

I once was told a story involving a good friend of mine and it inspired me deeply to never give up on finding my true love! It’s too often that we hear about the negatives of love in young lives and the truth is it is just that we are young.

Those relationships develop us to be the person that someday someone falls in love with. When he told me the story I really opened my eyes to one of the great glories in life, getting married!

My friend, the owner of El Cajon taxi, was out one day on his regular duty driving people around town. He end up dropping off a customer near the outside of his normal routes and it was time for his lunch break. Today happen to decide to shine a little light on him and as he was stopping at a new establishment to try what they had to offer he bumped into a girl walking into the same place.

Apologies were exchanged and they cared on about their own business. After a little while of eating alone they noticed each other sitting alone and he decided to ask her if he could keep her company.

The conversations started casual and they were very open about their lives. The two started to feel the interest of one another and decided they would like to hang out again so they exchanged number. Doesn’t this sound like some romantic comedy? Little did I know the owner of this taxi service had something bigger planned.

Well the two completely got tied up with their lives and did not even up talking. One random day about a week later my friend ends up on the same part of town this time it’s almost time for him to get off and he got hailed by a women. Well it wasn’t it happen to be her friend and they were meeting up and that’s where they end up meeting again outside a different restaurant. The two begin to catch up a little and decide the second time is a sign.

My friend was thinking of selling his company, the El Cajon cab service entirely… but then he started telling me about this girl he was seeing and had nothing but the most amazing things to say about her! It really gave me hope that this could happen to anyone! After a couple of month of them dating the two end up going on a hiking and as the sun started to set they were passing over a hill where he pretended to be cramping.

He says he was screaming in pain and on the ground where she rushed to him and seemed really concerned he holds his leg where he has already put an engagement ring in his hand and begins to smile. My friend presented her the ring where she playfully hits him and says yes! So the owner of this taxi service was married on a hillside out in El Cajon and it was absolutely beautiful.

And it all boiled down to that one moment when they first saw each other. I believe this is a remarkable example of how love still exists in our fragile world even with the busy birds. You can find love like this too, I personally believe it is about not looking for it but cherishing it when it falls in your lap. All because of her he kept his taxi service and the business has been thriving ever since.

Greetings form Our Team

Here at Great Engagement Rings, we highly cherish love, respect, truth, and honor; and the blessings that come with marriage. It all starts with that special moment of the proposal, and how a flower begins to blossom from a young bud.

We aim to bring you great engagement rings, ideas, and proposals for your soon to be spouse. These moments can be very delicate and at times scary – leaving one with a lack of ideas – however, nonetheless, that person prevails.

Somewhere in between the steadfast for graciousness, love and mutual respect, two humans decide to join their lives for a purpose. We want to make that purpose proud, and extremely memorable.

Starting from the proposal, and the ideas it takes to capture that “perfect moment” we will help you by posting other people’s past proposal ideas and stories, while also offering you great engagement rings to choose from.

So please take a look around our site, admire the beauty of life and nature and how simply it comes together to form something great.

Wishing you the best with your wedding and engagement ideas, with many blessings and much love, only here, from the Great Engagement team.